Trooper Companions – SWTOR Guide

Trooper Companions – SWTOR Guide

These are all the Class Companions that can be recruited by a Trooper class. Click on their names for their detailed

How to Get Master Ranos as a Companion in SWTOR

Jedi Master Dazh Ranos was originally a retired companion who was only available to players who had earned her through the limited-time Dark vs Light event in Star Wars: The Old Republic. With the addition of the Galactic Seasons system to the game, all players now have a chance to earn her over time, and in this video we’ll go over the basics of Galactic Seasons, how to earn Ranos as a companion, and why you may not see her right away on the Galactic Seasons vendor.

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Galactic Seasons
Galactic Seasons Tokens
Galactic Seasons Vendor
Force-Imbued Object – 6 Galactic Seasons Tokens
Master Ranos Retiring?
Unlock Master Ranos on All Characters
Levelling up Master Ranos

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STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ – Character Progression – Trooper

As the elite Trooper rises through the ranks of the Republic military, there are several ways he can specialize his training, and several sets of armor and weapons to match. Watch this video to get a small sampling of the many different armors and abilities that your Trooper can acquire through the course of the game.

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SWTOR – Best in slot Companions for Healing, DPS, and Tanking. Which one to choose.

Best in slot companion for any situation.

Companion leveling guide

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Trooper Leveling Guide Advanced Classes SWTOR – The fastesta and most efficient way to level your Trooper with all the best specs, rotations and companions.

Trooper Advanced Classes in SWTOR – at level 10 you get to choose between the Commando class or the Vanguard.

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