Mechromancer Skill Tree – Borderlands 2 Guide

Mechromancer Skill Tree – Borderlands 2 Guide

Action skill. Summon Deathtrap to fight for you. Cooldown: 60

Gaige the Mechromancer Level 80 OP10 Build & Save File – Borderlands 2

In this video, I go over my Gaige the Mechromancer level 80 OP10 build & game save file. We’ll take a look at Gaige’s skill tree & the spec at level 80 as well as good Gear for Gaige. Following that, we’ll see some “high-quality” Gaige gameplay at OP10 with said build. I’ve included two copies of the save file here – one at OP10 and the other at level 80 OP0 for those who do not like playing at OP10. The gear has been modified in Gibbed – just a caveat in case anyone is against it.

OP10 Save File:

Level 80 Save File:

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Ding! Level 50 Gaige Legendary Mechromancer Skill Tree Build

Yeah I know I don’t have any final tier skills, it still wrecks. =p

Mechromancer Skill Tree GAMEPLAY WALKTHROUGH! Gaige The Mechromancer – New Borderlands 2 DLC Class

Borderlands 2’s first official piece of DLC is out TODAY! Watch as Gearbox’s Game Designer Jon Hemingway leads us through Gaige the Mechromancer’s arensal of deadly skills, including her affinity for shock weapons and her adorably lethal robot, Deathtrap.


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Borderlands Gaige Skill and Gear Guide Part One, Everything but the Coms

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In this series I am going to be covering all the characters from Borderlands 2 and Borderlands The Pre Sequel going over skill trees and gear. I’ll be talking about what works and doesn’t work but more importantly why it does or does not work.

In this episode I am covering Gaige the Mechromancer
Ordered Chaos Tree 6:12
Best Friends Forever Tree 26:29
Little Big Trouble 47:16
Guns 1:14:06
Shields, Grenades, Relics 1:37:42

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