Grimghast Rift – ArcheAge Guide

Grimghast Rift – ArcheAge Guide

In the east continent, Grimghast Rift opens at Dolmen Floodplain in Ynystere, Haranya at around 0000h. Be sure to obtain the quest from a Blue Salt Brotherhood

Crimson Rift Guide

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ArcheAge self-winding phonograph crafting guide

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The ArcheAge self-winding phonograph is an expensive item to craft. It usually costs 150 to 200 ArcheAge gold to craft.

This instrument can only play four sounds, but they can be played at the same time. All of the sounds are consistent beats, two of which consist of drum noises, and the other two beats are of hands clapping and a snare from a drum set repeating.

Overall this ArcheAge instrument doesn’t do much for anyone. It’s honestly not worth crafting unless you find the particular beats amusing.

There’s a sound demo at the end of the video showing off each of the four different beats.

Grimghast Rift (GR) – ArcheAge SEA

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ArcheAge 7.5 Grimghast Rift : Hardmode Play

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